Pastor Teaira Parker

From Pastor Teaira’s newsletter, she writes:
God seeking and God fearing 34 year old black woman.
Heterosexual and impatiently waiting for her husband.
Pescatarian, football fan (Washington…I know but it’s true!), born in Baltimore, 
Maryland, raised all over Maryland and Virginia.
Has four degrees and never wants to go back to school again.
Has a love for traveling, reading, music, parks and beaches.
Pastor Teaira is a nerd but thinks she is cool and hides her nerdiness…she doesn’t
hide it very well.
Her preferred title is Pastor, Pastor Teaira, or Pastor Parker.
The following is taken from the GNJUMC website announcing her appointment:  “Teaira is a pastor, scholar, community organizer and a newly appointed committee member of the GNJ Board of Church and Society beginning this June.  She is currently completing A D.Min. program at Drew University in the field of public theology.  She holds a MDiv. from Wesley Theological Seminary, a M.P.A. from Webster University and graduated with a B.S. in criminal justice.  Most recently Teaira has participated in writing devotionals for a seminary, as well as helping people find their mission and calling in God through their gifts and being.” 
Pastor Teaira’s office hours are as follows:
    Tuesdays:   11AM – 2PM;  5PM – 6PM
    Thursdays: 11AM – 2PM;  5PM – 7PM
Please text (preferable) or call to make an appointment.  Pastor Teaira’s cell phone is 609-367-4850.