Ministries and Small Groups
Small Groups are vital to the health of the church.  We have many small groups in our church.  Please feel free to join one or reach out to the group leader for more information.  Here is a list of some of our small groups or ministries in which you can get involved:
Sanctuary Choir
Soup Ministry
Community Dinners Group
Friendship Committee
Cherub Choir
Eucharistic Ministry
Girls of Grace
Lay Servants
Vacation Bible School Team
Worship Committee
Gleaners Sunday School Class
United Women of Faith
“No Meeting Committee”
Praise Band
Liturgy Team
Visitation Teams
Additional Opportunities to Participate in the Life of the Church
Our church members coordinate many ministries.  Some are small, some are larger, but all make a difference in someone’s life.  Consider contributing to one or more of these and be a blessing to someone: 
Donate Canned Goods

Your donations, to the Sisterhood/Wayside Ministry, the First Baptist Church feeding program and St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Food Banks, help feed the many Burlington area residents that are in desperate need of food for their families. We would ask that you consider donating one can of food each week for distribution to the hungry in our community. The canned goods can be left in the back of the sanctuary or in the food box in the back of the chapel. You can make a difference to someone in need in Burlington!

Donate Used Eyeglasses
This is an international program through the Lions Club. According to The World Health Organization, 153 million people have uncorrected refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism). Most of these vision impairments are quickly diagnosed and easy to treat with corrective lenses. Still, millions of people in developing nations are pushed deeper into poverty simply because they don’t have glasses. They can’t learn, because reading is difficult. They can’t work to the best of their ability, because they can’t see clearly. It costs Lions Clubs less than 8 cents to provide a pair of recycled eyeglasses and change someone’s life.
Collect and Donate Aluminum Can Tabs

This program benefits the Ronald MacDonald House next to Cooper Hospital in Camden.

Donate To or Purchase From our Used Book Sale

An extensive selection of used books, both hardcover and paperbacks, are available in our Used Book Market, located in the breezeway between the library and the education building. Prices are $.25 for children’s books, $.50 for paperbacks and $1 for hardcover books. There is also a collection of puzzles, games and magazines.  All proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund. The market is open on Sunday mornings.